Announcing the 2016 House Concert Series

Join CME as we celebrate the gift of music in the beautiful homes of our patrons. Concerts tickets are by invitation only, please subscribe to our mailing list to receive an invite!

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The Center for Musical Excellence

Offering gifted young artists from around the world high-caliber training and individually-tailored assistance. CME Young Artist Roster 2014-2015 featuring pianists from Australia, China, Cuba, Italy, and USA.

Dreams Come True

CME International Performing Arts Grant – The Birte Moller Young Artists Award recognizes unique budding talents and their “dream projects.”

Who We Are

CME offers gifted students and young artists of all nationalities and backgrounds an extraordinary opportunity to study, connect and perform with an with some of the world’s greatest musicians and pedagogues.

Our Mission

Moving Musicians Forward. Through mentorship, financial support and performance opportunities,  CME offers  individually-tailored assistance to gifted young musicians, regardless of their age, background, and nationality.

Join Us!

Celebrating the gift of music with the community – and the world! CME will nurture each student into a musician of professionalism, integrity and Excellence, one who in turn enriches their community with music.


Student Testimonials

“I’ve been able to study with some of the world’s best teachers thanks to CME. I will definitely take this experience as part of my life long learning. The friendships I have formed here have been invaluable.”

– Patrick Wong (Sydney, Australia)

“Vienna ConcertoFest is one of the most amazing and special experiences I have ever had from a spiritual, musical and personal point of view. It definitely marked me.”

– Adonis Gonzalez (Havana, Cuba)

“I was very honored to have instructions from so many great teachers and it woke me up musically and mentally. Thank you for mentoring me on what being a pianist is really about rather than just talking about music. CME got me back on the track and I am so grateful…. Thank you! Thank you so much!”

– Sang Tae Park (Queens, New York)

“I’ve attended so many festivals before, but I will never forget the amazing experience at CME. I met the top teachers of the world, and my entire thought about music (and even life!) changed.”

– Jahye Kim (Seoul, Korea)

“Participating in the CME Vienna ConcertoFest proved to be a watershed moment in my pursuit for musical and pianistic excellence.  In the two weeks at the CME Vienna ConcertoFest, I believe that I developed as a pianist and musician at a rate exponential to my previous growth.”

– Carl Bolleia (New Jersey, USA)

“It was a great pleasure to be a part of the CME Vienna ConcertoFest. The exhilaration of performing Viennese masterpieces with an orchestra as well as with other talented young musicians, in the very home of Classical music itself, cannot be described with justice. My thanks to Dr Kwon and the CME team for this wonderful program.”

– Nicholas Young (Australia – Salzburg, Austria)

“CME bridged the gap for me between studying in America and studying in Europe. Without CME I would not have been introduced to the community of people that have helped me transition here so smoothly.”

– Kyle Jee (Florida, USA – Vienna, Austria)

“I feel so fortunate to have been able to participate in CME Vienna ConcertoFest this summer.  The session was truly an unforgettable experience in which I learned so much and was able to make deep connections with other musicians. I hope that I’m able to return next year!”

– Rob Grohman (New Jersey, USA)