CME Residency in Curaçao

Community outreach, bonding on the beach…

CME’s Winter Residency in Curacao is a warm-weather retreat for musicians. High-caliber training and performance opportunities at Art Avila abound, but the main focus of this trip is community outreach to bring the gift classical music to local children.

During the winter, CME escapes the cold weather and heads south to Curaçao. This retreat organized and sponsored by the Moller family offers training and performance opportunities for musicians at Art Avila. However, the most important facet of the trip is community outreach.

Through a series of programs, CME brings the gift of classical music to the local children of Curaçao.

Built in 1992, the Belle Alliance conference center and recital hall adds a new dimension of cultural significance to the Hotel Avila, and the hall has become a venue of the performing arts in Curaçao. The Art in Avila concerts draw a faithful audience from people living on the island as well as hotel guests from abroad.