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MIN KWON, piano


My colleague Min Kwon and I have found ourselves “swinging to the same tune” and discovered that we greatly enjoy performing with one another. During a number of our consequent Schubert evening performances, the presenters have, expectedly, requested many well-known works. By juxtaposing the well-known compositions with those less familiar, we discovered a fascinating collection of pieces of differing shape and character, providing a glimpse into the broad spectrum of Schubert’s creations.
Performing these programs together, we had the opportunity to experience many aspects of Schubert’s rich musical world that are represented in his music for four hands. We were encouraged then to share this music with our audiences for the purpose of remembering our performances, and for those who wish to enjoy these works at their leisure. From the ever-popular and joyful Military Marches to the tragically intense F minor Fantasy, we present a wide variety of compositions. In addition to these two extremes of cheerful entertainment music and condensed symphonic music, other selections of varying length have been chosen for their fascinating diversity of character. Writing now about this music, I have consciously avoided referring to historical information, which could be easily found by way of one’s own research. Instead, I have chosen to describe those features of which we are most fond. Finally and most importantly, we hope that our listeners become our partners when entering Schubert’s world.  [Robert Lehrbaumer]





FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828)
No.1 in D major - Allegro vivace
No.2 in G major - Allegro molto moderato
No.3 in E-flat major - Allegro moderato

ANDANTINO VARIÉ in B MINOR, OP.84/1 (1827) from “Divertissement on French Motives”, D.823

DUO in A MINOR “LEBENSSTÜRME”, OP.144, D.947 (1828)

FOUR LÄNDLER, D.814 (1824)
E-flat major, A-flat major C minor & C major

FANTASIA in F MINOR, OP.103, D.940 (1828)

Franz Schubert: Piano Four-Hands (Min Kwon & Robert Lehrbaumer)

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