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“captivating enthusiasm, superb technique, warm emotional lyricism, and explosive energy” -The Piano


There is an inexplicable attribute of music that seems to induce the human form into motion with a reaction tangible, rhythmic and artistic; in other words, to dance. When he wrote “Dance can reveal everything mysterious that is hidden in music [with] the additional merit of being human and palpable”, Baudelaire confirmed that dancing incarnates this medium of invisibility. The music that follows, dances and dance-inspired music, spans nearly four centuries and is written by composers both known and being discovered. Exploring the intersection of these two art forms, it is a collection of pieces that is subtle, gentle and unexpected; here waiting to be discovered — with an invitation, delivered aurally, by two hands.

I wonder what it would be like if the world around us moved just a bit slower…

If everything was just a bit more old-fashioned…
If everyone was just a bit more tolerant...
If everything was just a bit less perfect…

If the leisure and beauty between the moments had a chance to blossom,
I think I would smile more.
I think I might even cry more...

This album is an anthology of dances and dance-inspired music
that, I hope, will help you reminisce.

Do you remember the chandeliers in the room?
Do you remember the reflections in the water?
Do you remember the stars in the night sky?

Let us remember. Let us dance. Let us love. Let us live.

Dance: Piano Music Through the Centuries (Min Kwon)

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