We offer gifted young artists of all nationalities and backgrounds an extraordinary opportunity to study, connect and perform with some of the world’s greatest musicians and pedagogues.


Through mentorship, financial support, and performance opportunities, CME provides individually-tailored assistance to gifted young musicians in the pursuit of our mission:

Moving Musicians Forward. 


Through our grant program, talented musicians receive the financial support they need to fund their dream projects. Our winners come from all over the world and have been awarded over $45,000 in support!  

"I will never forget the amazing experience at CME. I met the top teachers of the world, and my entire thought about music (and even life!) changed.”

Jahye Kim

Seoul, Korea

“CME bridged the gap for me between studying in America and studying in Europe. Without CME I would not have been introduced to the community of people that have helped me transition here so smoothly."

Kyle Jee

Vienna, Austria

“I’ve been able to study with some of the world’s best teachers thanks to CME. I will definitely take this experience as part of my life long learning. The friendships I have formed here have been invaluable.”

Patrick Wong

Sydney, Australia

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